• Video Seo Services - A Reality Check!

    If Your Potential Customers Could Actually See and Hear How Great Your Business Is, Do You Think They Will Contact You?

    Video SEO is the process of optimizing a video so that it can be more easily found by search engines. Video SEO is used by video publishers to increase the “searchability” factor of their videos, thereby increasing their video’s exposure and reach.

    Since Google purchased Youtube, the importance of having a video linked to your website has increased exponentially.

    A video increases your chances of being placed on the first page of Google by nearly 50 percent! However, if the video wasn’t optimized with the right keywords, the right definitions and social media links, it still won’t be visible. That’s where Video SEO comes in: to maximize the chances of that video being highly rated, therefore bringing more traffic to your website.
  • Why Video Seo?

    1. Video Seo Will Generate traffic Which Produces Leads, Leading to More Business.
    2. Rank higher in search engines with chosen keywords that help your brand stand out from competitors.
    3.Let Your Customers Get to Know You and Trust You, your Product and Services.
    4.Choose your angle – show off a product, promote your brand, or start your own viral marketing campaign
    5.Leverage the SIGHT, SOUND, MOTION, & EMOTION influences of Video. A great way to narrate your product to the audience.
    6.Brand awareness and visibility is increased exponentially.
    7.Because Video Is The Future.

    ...And Many More! Why Video Seo?
  • Why Raise Rank Recordings?

    There are many production companies out there doing videos for businesses, but most of them have a very narrow approach as it relates to your business. They don’t consider what are you trying to achieve for your business, and don’t tailor your services as such. As a professional video marketing agency, Raise Rank Recordings combines professional quality video production with search engine optimization (SEO), all while looking out for your individual needs.

    This allows us to extend your reach, with affordable services. Let us use our tools to convert your content into a motion picture, animation, or professionally shoot. We’ve been working for numerous distinguished clients for years now, and we’ve adapted to the emerging trends rapidly. We can help you boost your business performance—both now, and in the future.

    ......For More Info Read What We Do!

Content Creation

We help you create content that is relevant and meaningful, both to your business as well as to your customers.

Search Optimization

By adding the right keywords and tags, we make your content discoverable by your target audience.

Visual Representation

We have the right tools to convert your content into a motion picture; animated or professionally shot.


We take special care to preserve your personal style and tone while designing content to put you in full control.


Using the right blend of communication channels, we will promote your video, making it go viral.

Site Mapping

We’ll embed the video to your website, helping search engines discover it and display it in search results.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are our first priority; so whatever we do, we make sure you are a 100% satisfied with our work!

Adherence to Standards

We follow industry benchmarks, delivering quality and value in every project that we work on.


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