Paradigm Shift – From Print Advertising to Video Marketing

The traditional forms of print advertising have long been used by businesses around the globe, helping them to reach their target market, create brand awareness, and boost their sales revenue. In fact, previously businesses used to direct all of their attention only on print advertising; but with the advent of digital marketing, the loyalties of marketers have shifted.

Businesses initially displayed a lack of interest and hesitance towards digital marketing; however, now they are exploring its various forms, and the dynamic opportunities it provides in amazing detail, and are not demonstrating any form of fear while experimenting with it.

What’s There To Know About Digital Marketing?

Recently, video marketing has spun its web around businesses and taken over digital marketing with a bang. Businesses are increasingly transitioning to video marketing because of the creativity and the white space it is prLocal Video Production - Raise Rank Recordingsoviding to businesses; to make their mark, convey their message, and attract customer traffic consequently.

Within the arena of digital marketing as well, marketers and customers alike have been witnessing new shifts and trends, as there’s not one perfect advertising medium to choose.

Digital marketing is thus giving marketers and businesses the room to engage with its various tools, such as social media marketing, blogging, email marketing, online advertising, mobile marketing, video marketing etc., and out of all these, video marketing has become the latest hot favorite recently.

The Transition From Print Marketing

Pick up any magazine, and the first that you come across will definitely be an ad. Start reading a newspaper, and you will spot a clutter of ads. Check your inbox, and you will find flyers, newsletters, and coupon catalogs advertising various products and services to you. The point is – the field of print marketing has become intensely cluttered, and the tragedy is that most of the ads in the print media don’t even manage as much as to get a second glance from us.Cost Of Advertising - Raise Rank Recordings

Furthermore, yellow pages, which had previously been quite a reliable source for businesses seeking an audience also began to lose their effectiveness. Not only were they expensive, businesses couldn’t even measure their ROI on the yellow pages, as it is impossible to track the leads generated by them. In simple words, yellow pages do not fit the modern customer’s mindset.

Often, we toss a lot of print stuff into the trash without even acknowledging what it contains. Advertisers and marketers began to realize how the yellow pages or the whole of print media got saturated enough, that it failed to work its charm on customers anymore.

Therefore, marketers felt the increasing need to shift to digital marketing to reclaim the touch and influence that they had lost to the clutter in print advertising. Though some of them discovered ways to break through the clutter, others uncovered the bewitching potential that digital marketing, especially video marketing, possesses.

Video Marketing Is On Its Way To The Throne Of Advertising

Throne - Video SEOAccording to a Social Media Examiner study in 2012, around 76% of marketers planned on increasing their use of YouTube and Video Marketing in 2013, deeming it the topmost area of marketers’ investment in 2013. Doesn’t that blatantly point out where marketers must be directing their marketing efforts and investing all their money?

According to Cisco Visual Networking Index, in 2018, the amount of video crossing global IP networks monthly will be equal to the amount of video that would require a person over five million years to watch. Thus, there’s no doubt that video marketing is going to make it really big the consumption of videos across the breadth of all devices is skyrocketing, and businesses are increasingly ensuring that video be at the top of their digital marketing strategy.

How Video Marketing Outpaced Traditional Marketing

Quite obviously, there was something so supreme and gratifying about video marketing, that’s why marketing industry tilted towards it, and yellow pages and other print advertising mediums slowly and gradually fell out of favor.

The basic two elements that helped video marketing compete, and ace the field of marketing, were cost and time advantage. Videos are not only relatively inexpensive, but also quite easy to share with the plenty of social media platforms available, and even manage to reach a larger audience within less time.

If we compare it with traditional mediums, there comes the printing cost, the payment for postage, and hefty footwork too. Hence, it comes out to be costly and time consuming, and even if businesses try unique print marketing techniques, they still tend to get ignored along with the clutter.

Would you like to read a piece of writing for 30 minutes to get to know about something, or would you prefer watching a 30 second video clip that would practically inform you about that same thing with much less efforts, and in a lesser time span? The answer is obvious. Video marketing gives businesses the chance to tell their story, using brilliant images, graphics and text, in contrast print media gets too tedious. Moreover, you can shoot a video with any video camera for your business and easily upload it on your social media accounts or your website, but for a print campaign, you will have to create and plan for a campaign much in advance to get it printed in due time.

The Way Forward

Video Advertising - Raise Rank RecordingsIntelligent businesses have recognized the immense potential that video marketing holds for their business and have already begun reaping vast benefits from it. To beat the cutthroat competition out there and to bait your customers towards your business, you will have to take the first step towards video marketing quite sooner, or you will risk falling out of the picture altogether.

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