Why You Absolutely Need to Leap Onto The Video SEO Bandwagon

Magic - Video SEOThere are never ending convincing reasons as to why you should indulge in the realm of VIDEO SEO to boost your profits, your brand awareness, and your customer base too. You might be wondering what is so magical about the Video SEO formula that everyone is so keenly looking forward to; if you don’t already know, you are in for a big treat as this blog will expose you to all that you need to know to decide to make the transition from traditional marketing techniques to Video Marketing.

The Whimsical Magic Of Video Marketing

No, Video SEO definitely will not hand you a magic formula to turn your business around, but it will definitely give you power to raise your sales, because videos are quite important in amplifying customer traffic and helping you gain an edge over your rivals – isn’t that exactly what you desire for your business?

Video Advertising - Raise Rank Recordings“Content comes in many forms; we tend to think of written content when the term is used, but the reality is, video and image content can be more useful when it comes to influencing search and social results.”Debra Mastaler, President, Alliance-Link

When you jump on the Video SEO bandwagon, your videos will be able to achieve higher ranks on Google through Keyword terms. This will consequently term your video marketing strategy a sure shot success and help you generate greater business for your brand.

Video SEO Has More Muscle Than Traditional SEO

Search Engine Optimization - Raise Rank RecordingsYou have been engaged in traditional advertising and marketing practices since the birth of your business, and these might have been satisfying your needs. Yet, times are changing, and businesses are finding new ways to interact with customers. Meanwhile, customers are actively seeking more information, technology is rapidly advancing, and the market is more competitive and fast paced than ever, so shouldn’t your marketing strategies also evolve to match the pace of the market?

Tradition SEO had been doing really well, but Video SEO is much more than that. When your video appears at the number one position in Google, your brand, and logo are eminently visible to your target market, this enables your business to become the top most visually recognizable brand, wouldn’t you just kill for that? There’s too much information clutter encountering consumers on the web, you just need to stand out amongst your competitors, and why not use videos to do that?

People remember:

  • 20% of what they hear
  • 30% of what they serr
  • 70% of what they hear & see


Be A Magnet For Attracting New Business

Local Client Magnet - Raise Rank RecordingsGoogle is one of the top ways for your customers to reach you, and when Google has fallen in love with videos, you should too. Only one or two videos appear in Google’s search results. This makes highly ranked videos instantaneously popular in comparison with traditional search results, and attracts new business for your winning keywords too. Viewing a 30 second video is more viable than reading a 30 lined paragraph. All of us know, right?

According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, by 2016, online video will make up around 86% of the internet traffic, and with 18-34 year olds, engaging in 53% more online video consumption, there’s great scope for your digital marketing strategy to tap into.

Video SEO will essentially help you leverage the internet user’s intrinsic drive to pay more attention to videos rather than textual websites, thereby converting online shoppers into actual buyers quite remarkably, transforming your business to grab a greater share of your target market.

Lets You Smartly Take Over Reins Of Your Online Reputation

Websites do become famous for the quality content that they provide, you too can set off your brand awareness and build worthy reputation for your business by taking over reins of Video SEO bandwagon. Some brands that actually suffered from weak reputation and low brand awareness, managed to turn over a new leaf through video marketing.

Lets You Go Wildly Viral

All businesses dream of going viral and video SEO absolutely gives you the opportunity to do so. Videos allow you to initiate and rejuvenate your brand through creative use of keywords, and SEO tools. Video SEO not only strives to help people reach your brand, but stimulates a buzz as well. It generates talkability about your brand and allows people to comment on your video, and share it with their friends to create Word of Mouth.

The Marketing Future Belongs To Video SEO

Mobile Video MarketingIncredibly, that’s the simple truth. You want to survive in the long run, and post huge profits, then you will inevitably have to indulge in Video SEO. Around 70% of the internet users globally are engaged in videos online, and this number has been increasing exponentially. Moreover, the highest traffic towards these videos originates through Google, thus you must make the most out of this lucrative prospect. Video SEO is a tool that you must armor your business with to combine the influence and muscle of video, and the focus and reach of the internet to reap promising sales revenues.

Don’t wait. You know enough about Video SEO, just leap onto the Video SEO bandwagon, and witness its miraculous effects on your business.

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